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" I cannot recommend Kay enough as a PT.  Kay is so down to earth and makes my sessions

enjoyable with her positive attitude and sense of humour. She always encourages me and

pushes me to achieve my goals and makes every session challenging in a good way ".

- Kam -

"One week in and already feeling great! Kay makes the effort to know you and your lifestyle

before she creates a plan. I feel like I’m making changes for the long run not just a quick fix.

Kay’s always on hand for any questions, a kind word or a confidence boost. Looking forward

to continuing my fitness journey together".

- Simran J -

"I started training with Kay as I had lost my mojo for training (happens to the best of us) and I was finding it hard to push through after my Nan passed away. My motivation and effort

levels have gone from 0 to 100 and she has made training fun again. She constantly pushes

me so I can achieve my goals".

- Laura -

"Kay is a fabulous PT. She gets to know you and she makes sure you are comfortable with

everything you are doing. Always checks in the next day after the session. The gym can be a

daunting place for newcomers but Kay made me feel right at home and made me love

fitness. Her passion and drive gave me passion and drive. Her bubbly personality and

pushing me to do better makes her a wonderful Personal Trainer".

- Kerry -

"Kay is amazing! She’s not just a trainer but a lifestyle changer. She’s helped me with my

diet, telling me the best way to achieve my results I want. She’s keeping me motivated with

her check ins and 121 sessions. She’s really taken the time to understand my body and how

to push it to a standard I didn’t even see in myself. She is great!!"

- Deji -

So happy I made the choice to train with Kay! A revolutionary way of keeping fit and smashing goals whilst being stuck at home. She's a great motivator with a wealth of knowledge! I am looking to make sustainable changes and Kay's honesty and encouragement is exactly what was needed! I look forward to a happy lifestyle and a stronger and leaner body

- Kiran -

"The reason I chose Kay as my PT is because she has been there and smashed it herself.

For me fitness is now a lifestyle not a crash diet and Kay has majorly influenced that positive

mindset. She creates personal workouts and diet plans that are specific for my goals with

weekly check ins. She is so down to earth, extremely supportive and challenges you to

achieve goals you wouldn’t have otherwise. She has changed my life in such a positive way

physically and mentally and I trust her experiences to guide me through 2020".

- Simran -

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