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1-2-1 Online Coaching Training, Nutrition & Mindset

Improve your body and mind... Improve all aspects of your life!

Let me guide you on a journey to shed fat, build lean muscle, nourish your body, and feel amazing – all while relishing in your favourite foods and keeping up with your busy schedule!

Picture workouts that are enjoyable, a lifestyle free from restrictive diets, and achieving the body you desire or have always imagined.

Envision losing post-pregnancy weight effortlessly and swiftly, bidding farewell to stubborn fat.

Picture feeling empowered in your mind and body, exuding confidence every day.

Imagine cooperating with your body, not fighting against it.

And visualise waking up every day feeling absolutely fantastic, motivated, and joyful!

Does that sound like something you are looking for?


A personalised training programme specific to your goals and requirements. With a new plan every 4 weeks.


A nutrition guide and calorie breakdown based on your body. I also provide an understanding of flexible/lifestyle eating.


I will show you how to identify your goals and weaknesses and work with you on changing your habits and mindset.


Weekly 1-2-1 check-in calls, mindset training, email and phone support. Private Training App.

My customised online training programme is comprehensive and holistic in approach and includes the following services:

An initial FREE phone consultation to allow me to understand your goals, requirements and lifestyle.

A personalised training program customised to effectively meet your targets.

Adjustments to your program every 4 weeks and when you require them.

Weekly reviews to discuss obstacles to success.


Your personalised nutrition program & consultation.

Following this programme will ensure you feel fit, healthy and fierce in all aspects of your life!


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